Our Firm

Loy Letelier Campora was founded by three lawyers who decided to combine the experience and knowledge gained after having worked for more than a decade in the country’s leading international law and consulting firms. Their philosophy is to provide top quality legal advice, with a different approach.

At Loy Letelier Campora clients will not find a typical “boutique” firm. Clients will find a compromised strategical partner, with enhanced and unparalleled business knowledge, unsurpassed network and permanent availability.

We have experience in complex local and cross-border litigation; local arbitration; international, commercial and investment arbitration; preventive dispute management; corporate restructuring; tax planning; tax litigation; transfer pricing and transfer pricing litigation; antitrust; mergers and acquisitions; foreign investment protection; and business development.

We have represented and advised domestic and foreign companies, both public and private, actively participating in some of the most relevant cases and transactions of the last years in Chile.

We guarantee the leadership and direct and intensive involvement of our partners in the matters we manage. Therefore, Loy Letelier Campora limits and selects the number and nature of matters it accepts, and they will always maintain a partner/associate rate significantly lower than that of most law firms in the country.

Our firm is not segmented into compartmentalized groups. Our philosophy is to put the intelligence and creativity of all our members at the service of our clients, without resulting in higher costs.